Sunday, October 3, 2010

Chansey and Me

Yes, you read it correctly. In this post I'm going to be talking about Pokemon.

As an aside, I wasn't allowed to watch Pokemon when I was little. Neither was my husband.

In 2008, I did Honours in English at the University of Tasmania. Since then, I have occassionally wished that I went straight to my teaching degree... then things might have turned out differently and I might have already been working. Instead, I still have another year of study to do. When I really think about it, however, I know there is no way I would give up that year. I made friends who I am sure are for life. Lissa is one of them (and I love reading her blog).

So, when she described her friends using pokemon characters, I begged her to describe me as a pokemon too. I really did beg - this is what I wrote on her wall: 

"me! me! make me a pokemon! I might even blog about it hahaha" 


Lissa, in her graciousness, did so. This is what she chose, and her explanation as to why:

Kathy: I thought long and hard about this, and I decided you're one of the healing Pokemon. On narrowing it down to Chansey, I decided on several factors: Happiny evolves to Chansey by choice when she holds an Oval Stone, and Chansey evolves into Blissey when she is very happy. At the moment, there are things you would like to do with your life but you are waiting until you have finished your education, so you are the middle evolution.
Chansey is a rare Pokemon, but will often be found in Pokemon Centres, where other Pokemon need healing (this is a reference to you being a teacher). Chansey is said to bring happiness to those who are lucky enough to catch it (as Jules was with you).


I love the description, the reasons chosen, and the thoughtfulness that Lissa put into it. What I love most is that this is what Lissa thought best described me. I feel honoured that she would describe me in such a way. (I'm misting up a little.) Also, I love that Chansey's abilitys are "serene grace" (oh to have that) and "healing heart". Yes, I looked her up.


If I can be someone who spreads happiness (like a disease, only pleasant) and bring healing to others, then I think I'd be satisfied with who I am and what I'm doing.

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  1. Awwwww, you wrote a post about me! And although some people might think that Chansey was the easy way out, or might think it's not so cool being a Normal-type Pokemon (as opposed to an awesome Dark-type or a Steel-type), I just really thought it suited you! You're such a great person.


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