Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Sunrise with no Sun

Okay, so there was technically a sun, it was just hidden behind clouds.

Thursday and Friday have blurred into one big day for me, as I did an allnighter to finish an assignment. One of the benifits was that I saw the sunrise, which is incredible. I see the sunrise one to six times a year. I think this was the first time for this year, but I'm not exactly sure.

I love the light, nice and rosy (but hard to capture with the camera), and all the colours pop - especially pinks. The streetlights are still on! It's easy to see this if the picture is bigger. It's also the reason behind the bright green spot in the top right hand corner.

The offical sunrise time for Friday the 15th of October was 6:20am. This site is awesome: it tells you the official sunset, sunrise, day length and solar noon statistics. Daylight savings means that Tasmania's solar noon is at 1pm instead of 12pm. The site also has our distance from the sun!

This was taken at 6:20am. The lump of land in the distance is the Tasman Peninsular, where Port Arthur and Shipstern Bluff (world famous surfing location) are located.

After this photo I switched the camera to the sunset setting, and things became a bit more intense.

Finally, I reached to lookout on Mt Nelson. I love this view. I could look at it everyday.

If I was happy to cheat just a little I could cross number 52 (Watch the sunrise from Mt Nelson lookout) off my 101 in 1001 list, but I wasn't actually at the lookout at the official sunrise time, and it was a slightly boring sunrise anyway. So it's still on the list to do.

The clouds were adorable. For some reason as I'm typing this I want to say that they were like little baby duckings. I don't know why I want to say that.

Now the only descriptions I can think of for the clouds are totally cliched, like "fluffs of cotton wool". If you have a better description for them, please share.

One last photo before heading home again. 

I tried to get home again before the alarm clock went off at 7am to wake my husband up, but didn't quite make it.

Sorry for freaking you out, honey!


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  1. Waking up to an empty bed and no evidence of your wife in the house!!! Wat a good feeling that was :P


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