Friday, October 8, 2010

Mashed Potato Brain

(Let me preface this post with: Today is pretty much mindless blabbering. Tomorrow, however, there will be pretty purple pictures. Don't give up on me yet.)

The end of the university semester is always a crazy time. Tiredness, stress and assignments combine and turn your brain into mush. Mush, I tell you. Like mashed potatoes, but not as tasty.

I am just so thankful that I have no exams. If you have exams, I wish you all the best!

Study makes me sleepy, and Dougal is always an obliging pillow. And yes, there is a dollhouse next to my microwave, which is on a coffee table under the stairs.

I handed in an assignment earlier today. Next Friday I will be handing in three. The next seven days are going to be like a student's version of hell. Or heaven, if you are a really good, organised student who loves to study.

But once those assignments have been put in the drop-box, holidays begin! Four glorious months on holidays! The plans I have... November is already organised (more about that in another post), camping over New Years is being talked about, plans for skirt making and Christmas are starting to tick over in the back of my brain. And now I am starting to get ahead of myself... one more week of uni, assignments and endless writing first. 

Then, holidays!

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