Sunday, July 25, 2010

10 Ways to Enjoy Life More

Everyone wants to get the most out of life. We all want to live better and more fulfilling lives. We also all like to be given clues as to how to live life to the fullest. Considering this, here are my 10 suggestions (with a slightly Christian flavour) for enjoying life more:

1. Practice being kind in words and actions. Do random acts of kindness.
2. Slow down and relax. Things will still get done but the stress will be gone.
3. Whenever you make a shopping list, follow it by making a gratitude list.
4. Pray, read your Bible and other inspiring/challenging books and play uplifting music.
5. Make a list of small pleasures (even making daisy chains :). Do them.
6. Limit movies and tv watching as it can make you feel dissatisfied and when done in excess it wastes your valuable time.
7. Love. Develop your friendships and make intimate moments and new memories with loved ones.
8. Experience the world God made. At night time stand outside and gaze at the stars. (But avoid gazing at the sun!)
9. Focus. Put yourself completely into everything you do.
10. Drink better and less. (This was the closing line of the speech given at my graduation.)

Do you have any sage advice to add? :)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Cute Mouse Ad - 2010 Winner

This cute ad was the winner of the 2010 Best TV Advertisement Award. Watch and enjoy!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Weird Things #1: Yeah, No

I noticed something weird the other day: people juxtaposing "yeah" and "no" in the same comment. Then, I realised hear it (and say it) all the time.

Consider this sample conversation:

"Hey, I hear you have been on holiday! How was it?"
"Yeah, no, it was great. Nice and warm."
"Not like Tassie!" [laughter]

Or this conversation:

"How was dinner?"
"Yeah, no, it was fantastic! I think I put on a couple extra kilos."

The most common usage of this phrase:
"How are you?"
"Yeah, no, good. You?"
"Yeah, no, same."

Are Tasmanians perpetually unsure or something? Do we just need to contradict ourselves? Is it common in Tassie? Yeah, no, I think it is, because I hear it quite a bit.

The question is this: is the "yeah, no" ridiculousness confined to Tasmania, or has it spread?

Monday, July 5, 2010

Queensland: The Overcast State

A couple of Saturdays ago I kissed my husband goodbye and jumped on a plane to the Gold Coast of Australia. I took with me hopes and dreams of sunshine, warmth and wearing my purple havianas (I love my purple havianas).
This sweet guy paid me and my hostess a visit and posed beautifully for ages.

 One huge difference between Tassie and Queensland were the types of plants people had in gardens - so many palm trees!

Out of the eight days I was there, it was sunny on three of them (the day I arrived, the next day and the day I left), overcast for the rest and even rainy once or twice. I wore my havianas once, and my Tasmanian clothes everyday. I was given a scarf as a gift (thank you!!!) while up there, and it suited the weather perfectly, as did hot coffee.

A Banana Tree! So cool!

I loved seeing these purple flowers everywhere. I have no idea what this tree is called though :(

I also took almost no photos - maybe about two dozen total. Perhaps three dozen if I include the ones that were wonky or fuzzy and therefore deleted immediately.

Brisbane! This photo (and the three following) are all pretty much all I saw of the capital as we whizzed through.

Why I took a photo of a Lexus dealership I don't know, but it proves I was in Brisbane (refer to tall rectangular sign). (And yes, I did take this photo, not scab it off the net!)

I've been back in Tassie for nearly 48 hours now, and the weather is lovely. Blue skies and barely any wind. Tasmania has such a bad rap, I think it must disguise itself so visitors do not realise just how gorgeous it is and decide to stay!