Wednesday, October 20, 2010


If I were to choose my favourite flower, it would have to be the clematis.
Here is why:

Unfortunately, these flowers don't belong to me. This is the back of a neighbour's fence, which runs alongside our driveway.

Bees love clematis too! (They also move a lot, making a good photo very difficult.)

I love how this looks like a bridal bouquet.

Pure potential.

Hello beautiful. Did you know that the clematis is part of the buttercup family?

If you tilt your head on the side, this looks like a tulip.

Just look at all that gorgeous fuzz on the petals! Love it!

There are around 300 types of clematis... just do a google image search for clematis. Or click here.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures, because once it goes to seed there'll be more photos!