Sunday, October 31, 2010

And Then BAM, You Have Stash

(warning: picture heavy)

Knitters and crocheters are strange... they talk about needing their fix, and building their stash... have you got a Sable*?

I certainly don't have a Sable, but the other day I went through what I do have and was rather surprised. Which means, of course, that my husband is rather unimpressed. But he wants a new gaming mouse, so I think I can get more yarn ;)

What prompted me to find out how much wool I actually have was my mad organising skillz. I have two huge bags full of taspestry wool. I don't even know where it came from, but I think it might have belonged to my Grandmother. I thought I could fit them into my 48L yarn tub, freeing up half a shelf for other stuff (already full: a box of lego). The tapestry yarn did fit into the tub... sort of... let's just say that if the lid isn't clipped down then you can fit a finger between the rim of the tub and the lid. 

Would you like to see? (Too bad if you don't, as I'm going to show you anyway.)

(okay, update... I've just spent the last 20 minutes sorting through the tapestry yarn, so you're going to get pictures of that too.)

As you can see, the yarn is lifting up the lid:

An ariel shot of the first layer in the box - each of the big balls is 200g, or 4 times the size of a normal ball of wool:

The next layer - those white bags are full of tapestry wool and the three balls in the top left hand corner are a camel and baby lambs wool mix that I got at a second hand shop for $2 each:

 The final layer - the green bamboo yarn (with the orange label on) was a steal at $1 each, I got 7 balls for less than the usual price of one ball ($8.50):

This spew is all the tapestry wool!

This is about half of the tapestry wool sorted into piles - DMC, Semco and Anchor (the long blue labels):

This yarn I got rid of, just scraps and unlabled stuff:

And last, this is my neatly repacked yarn tub (before all the little balls of wool got chucked on top and the lid was squished down), the plastic bags of tapestry wool on the bottom:

I do have a few more shoeboxes full of yarn, so I think I have plenty. Though I have three more giant balls on the way for a jumper. A purple jumper! :D

I don't know what I'm going to make with the tapestry yarn, but I think it is really feltable, so maybe some coasters (backed with felt) would be cute. Or maybe little stripy felted bags? I think my nieces would like those. Maybe even little felted Christmas baubles. I certainly have enough yarn to make all of those and more!

*Sable = Stash Acquisition Beyond Life Expectancy



  1. I love love love your Sable. I have about six yarns of wool, and I'm not letting myself get anymore until I have an income and decide what to do with the others.

  2. I have heaps (what I think is heaps anyway!). Two LARGE tubs full, and the overflow is stacked here and there waiting to be cast on...


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