Sunday, October 31, 2010

Goodbye Blogtober

(pictures in this post are from my botanical visit the other week)

It's been a good month. I've posted each day (though I was late by a couple of hours once or twice) and surprised myself by actually being able to post everyday. If you saw my list of things to write about you might be surprised about how many things have been crossed off due to lack of time to post about them.

I also promised to do a giveaway a week... that didn't happen. Sorry!!! At least I did one, I suppose. (Though I haven't actually sent it yet... soon, soon I promise!)

What I have enjoyed most about this month of writing everyday was finding so many new Australian blogs. I have really, really enjoyed that. It can be hard to find other Australian blogs, but an event like this draws many of them together. 

I only visited a portion of the people who participated, though I had grand intentions of visiting most, if not all, of them. I appreciate immensely all the people who visited me and took time to comment.

I also loved writing everyday, and I feel like I have relaxed much more into this whole blog writing thing that I do. Though you, my valued bloggees, will perhaps be a better judge of that.

I want to keep trying to post regularly. I might even try to keep doing it everyday, because the rhythm seemed to suit me. Other times I've tried posting every second day, but I'd forget and it just generally didn't work.

Rest assured I will be back tomorrow to share my plans for November!



  1. Blogtober has been fun. It's been hard to post sometimes...I wonder what I will babble about next, but I really loved the challenge. I've missed getting to a lot of blogs mainly because I was so wrapped up in trying to get my own post out.

  2. I think that striving for daily posts is helpful -- even if not always attainable. It's a lot easier to establish as a discipline if it's your once-a-day activity (says the lady who didn't update her blog today!).


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