Sunday, October 17, 2010


It's important to have vision... it gives us purpose. Other words for vision are "goals" and "ambitions". Even desires are a type of vision. Vision is something more that goals or ambitions though. It is like something outside ourselves - bigger than just us and our hope to keep the house clean for more than a week.

A vision can be something so big, you might not even be able to see how you can do it in your lifetime, but it gets hold of you, deep down in the core of your very being. To be without vision is to be without hope for the future, to see no point in living, to have no joy in life.

I have a friend who has a vision to finish writing her book, and she is working hard and setting daily goals in order for that vision, that desire, to be fulfilled.
I have a vision to be a teacher, which is why I am still at university, studying.

Do you have a vision? 
If you answered no, then today is the time to do something about it!

This is where backwards planning comes in handy.
Get out a piece of paper (or open up a Word document) and answer these questions:

1. What would I like to accomplish in 5 years? 

2. What will this give me? What will it free me to do?

Now start to break down that 5 year vision into smaller, achieveable chunks:

3. What would I like to accomplish in 2 years?

4. What would I like to accomplish in the next 12 months?

To start making your way towards this/these goals, write down what you want to achieve in 90 days. Then write where you want to be in 4 weeks. Now write what you need to achieve in the next 2 weeks in order to reach your 4 week goal.
Do the same for everyday of week 1. 

Now start doing it!

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