Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Giveaway Winner!

According to the winner is comment number 2!

Congratulations, mamipdx!

Here is her pig-lovin' comment: 

"oh, pigs. i do adore pigs. i like their snouts and their cloven hooves and their curly-q tails and their sweet pale pink babies. this little creation is adorable! if i won it i would read 'if you give a pig a pancake' with my toddler, and this little piggy would be the star of the book. :-)
thank you!

Mamipdx, an email has been sent your way.

I loved reading all the comments. I have to admit being slightly relieved that sweet Penninah is safe from all the bacon enthusiasts who commented. That said, I love bacon myself. I always cut up an extra rasher so I can pinch bits as I cook without feeling guilty.


  1. thank you so much! i am looking forward to introducing this pig into our household. she is a sweetie (and you are so talented!)
    thanks again!

  2. As someone who was somewhat deprived bacon growing up, I also do the extra-rasher thing now that I get to buy my own groceries.


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