Tuesday, October 19, 2010

On Holidays and Healthy?

I was expecting to be sick today. I usually am when the semester ends.

I am, however, alive and well, though still tired and a bit muddled in the brain department.

I have plenty of plans for the holidays, and am actually wondering if my brain/body is so focused on them that it hasn't realised it's actually sick/rest/eat icecream and read children's novels time. 

But enough about my unsick body... holidays! Today I'm doing housework, writing lists, getting organised. Preparing for holidays, you might say.

The rest of this week I'll be finishing a knitted scarf and crocheted pigs for an order, and going over a sweet little crochet flower pattern that I'll publish on here, hopefully on Friday.

Sorry for one of the most boring posts ever... I'm off to clean the cat litter... hopefully I survive.

Oh yes! The photos were taken between Margate and Kingston as we were driving home. The second one is of Mt Wellington. The first one is of gorgeousness.

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  1. My theory is that people often get sick when they go on holiday because their body knows they are meant to be resting and the body thinks YAY I can afford to get sick now.
    It ALWAYS happens to my mother. Every single time she has a few days off, she's sick.
    I hope you stay well and enjoy your busy busy busy holiday! (See what I did there? Tricking your body into thinking you're too busy to get sick.)


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