Monday, October 4, 2010

Who's a Terrible Student?

(yeah... this is kind of a motivational post for me as I enter the final two weeks of semester)

"I'm a terrible student."

I have said - and thought - this sentence about myself many times.

You know what? 

I really have to SNAP out of it!


Well, to start with, it isn't true

The truth is, in my third and last year of my Bachelor of Arts, I was on the Dean's Roll of Excellence. That means, in essence, "quite successful student."

The truth is, in 2008, I recieved Second Class Honours, Upper Division (basically, the second highest grade you can get) for my Honours thesis. I wrote my thesis in one month. At one stage, I had to write over one thousand words a day. I edited it on the morning of the day it was due. Crazy.

The truth is, the expectations for a Master of Teaching are so different to those of a Bachelor of Arts. I actually have to research now, and it's harder to get higher grades.

The truth is, the important thing is that I'm passing, and passing well. (So long as you don't include that essay I failed last semester... oopsies!)

The truth is, I find it really hard to start on an assignment two weeks before it's due. Give me three days notice, however, and I can pump it out. And get a distinction. People learn differently. People also approach learning differently. I can't judge myself against another student. We're different.

You know what?

I am a pretty awesome student.

After six and a half years of uni, I should be.

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  1. I'm totally jealous: I couldn't write my essays in just three days, I needed at least 3 weeks, and I hardly ever got a distinction (only one or two per year). And I never knew you were on the Dean's Roll of Excellence! That's really fantastic! Belated congratulations!


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