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I love to hear from you, and I will respond where possible. 

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I love your crochet pattern! Can I please sell items I make from it in my ebay shop?

First of all, thank you! I am glad you like it. I purposefully keep my patterns free so more people will be able to enjoy them. You are more than welcome to sell them. I have no right over any products you make from using my pattern. You are free and allowed to do with them what you wish!

As a matter of courtesy, if you are selling items made from one of my patterns, I ask that you consider making it clear to your customers that it is my (Katherine Crombie) original design and be able to point them in my direction (eg. my blog address on a printed tag, or a link to my ravelry page from your etsy shop).

Can I give people copies of your crochet patterns?

Sure! Just don't sell them. As the copyright holder of my crochet designs, only I have the right to sell them.

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