Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Self-Portrait: Blogtoberfest Challenge

Karin from Sum of Mum had an idea for a blogtoberfest challenge, and so tinniegirl (who hosts blogtober) has declared today self-portrait day!

I have hundreds of photos of myself on facebook, yet when I heard about this challenge, the first photo that popped into my head was this one:

Kathy will stare you down and annihilate you.
That photo was taken on the same day as the photo from Friday's post, where I'm pretending to be asleep and using my cat as a pillow. This photo was also taken that day:

Kathy and Dougal. This photo makes my face look rounder than it is.
Here's one of me up in Cradle Mountain National Park. The big blob of water is Dove Lake. Not a SELF-portrait, but one of my favourite photos of myself.

Here is a silly one of me, taken with photobooth. Notice my gorgeous fingernails. Up until a year ago I used to bite them constantly. 

These are some I had fun editing. I use the one on the right for most user pics on sites such as Ravelry.

And I think that's enough with the self-portraits!

Visit tinniegirl to see who else participated in the challenge - I've already found a few new blogs I love, and I'm sure you'll find at least a few you love as well! 



  1. you have had alot of fun with your self portraits!
    pretty cute & so is Dougal.

  2. All very interesting! I especially like the photo booth one. Yes, your nails are gorgeous!

  3. Looks like Dougal could stare anyone down too. Cherrie

  4. That's a great collection. Dougal is pretty gorgeous.

  5. Very informative and fun post! I like the one of you in the booth but it looks like youre crying. Nice nails!

  6. Fun portrait!your kitty looks like no one messes with him though! LOL

  7. Beautiful portraits!
    And hello to Dougal, what a handsome cat! My Max Kitty says hello or Miaow! :)

  8. Love those last two portraits, and great to discover your blog through Blogtoberfest!

  9. I really like your last two, and the non-self portrait. Good stuff!

    xo Erin

  10. I love them all. And i still bite my nails :-( Your look great!


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