Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Spring Blossom Hairclips

Last week I shared a pattern for Spring Blossoms, a cute little crocheted flower.

Since then I was emailed by Katu, who has the Etsy Shop Remembery Lane, asking permission to use the pattern to make hairclip sets to sell. I said yes (I said that it does not hurt to ask!) and she already has several pairs of Blossom Hairclips for sale!

Please go have a look at Katu's shop, or even check out her blog, if you feel so inclined!
Kathy xx
Oh, and if you want to make any of my crochet patterns to sell, please ask permission first, like Katu did. I don't bite :)


  1. Oh my goodness - those bars/cookies in your header look so yummy! I found you through the Ravelry Comment train! ;)

  2. Hi Paige! The slice in the header is delicious :) You can find it on my recipes page: Choc coated anzac slice.


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