Saturday, May 1, 2010

Beanies, Markets and Deadlines

I feel like I am the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland: I am late, late, I am very, very late!

Is it just me or has the year been in fast-forward mode for everyone?

My main concerns at the moment are university and the upcoming Handmade Hobart Market, which is only two weeks away! OH NO! 

 One of the beanies I have made. And wonder of wonders, is that actual money I see?!

I am making beanies for the market and I am starting to feel like they are coming out my ears. The problem is, I still need to make more - many more! I am making my seventh now, but out of those seven, only three are for the actual market. Out of the rest, two were presents, one is mine and the other is pre-sold.

This is one the neckwarmers I have made for the market.

I want to make seven or eight more beanies, as well as a few more neckwarmers to add to the three neckwarmers I have already completed. The question is, can I fit this in alongside the two university assignments due right before the market?

The answer?

I have to!

But oh my, I am looking forward to semester break! (Only seven weeks to go!)

Kathy xx


  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog... it was great to have you there.
    I must say, I LOVE YOUR BEANIES. Super cute!

  2. I am having this EXACT same problem right now! I have a show on Saturday and it's my last week of class! I have not done nearly as well as you have with getting some things complete. lol


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