Saturday, April 17, 2010


Truth be told, I am a rather lazy housekeeper in real life. Yes, my home looks nice and people like being here but the dishes are always stacked up and I rarely vacuum. Honestly, I prefer the term 'homemaker' to 'housekeeper' or 'housewife'. But this post is not about 'real life' housekeeping, it is about blog housekeeping. 

You might have noticed that I have been shuffling things around with the purpose of tidying up the sidebar. I stumbled across how to make 'Pages' so I have made three of them, which you can find just below the blog header: Yummy Recipes, Beautiful Crochet, and All About Kathy. So now the sidebar is lots tidier!

On another note, I had lots of fun creating the photo collages for the three pages! Though you might notice that one of the photos in the Beautiful Crochet page is not what it seems...

I am interested to hear what people think of the changes I have made. Do you like them? Or is it a big, fat, resounding "change it back"?