Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Intentio Meretrix Bug

Yesterday I was nearly stung by a scorpian. I thought it was dead and went to pick it up, then promptly squealed when it started moving. Freaky!

I was not stung by the scorpian but by something else. Here are some clues:
  • The stinger of this particular bug is similar to that of a bee: it has a little hook on it. 
  • It is select in choosing its victims. Usually, the victim must be predisposed to texture, colour and creativity. 
  • If the victim also has an affinity for mathematics, infection can be severe. 
  • In cases, infection can lead to an entire lifestyle change... even loss of certain abilities such as being able to keep a house clutter free.
  • Treatment of the infection can be costly. Usually, increasing amounts of yarn must be purchased in order to keep the infection under control.
Do you know what sort of bug has bitten me?

It belongs to the Meretrix family. It is known as Intentio Meretrix. You might know it by its colloquial term, the Designing Crochet Bug.

Internet, I was bitten early February, 2010. The infection has been spreading surely but steadily. 

Funny thing... since starting to write this my foot has gotten really itchy. Have I been bitten by a real-life bug?

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