Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday Morning

This morning I was up about five hours earlier than I usually am (this is not an exaggeration). There is something so wonderful and beautiful about early morning. Each time I get up early (that is, before 7am) I wish I was up that early every morning. I was so wide awake and energetic that I stuck my new beanie on my head (and, no bed hair! I got up and it was perfect!), grabbed my camera and went for a waltz outside. 

Hello, morning!

  This is a wide shot: right click and select 'view image' for a better look.

Geraniums with a layer of heavy dew (this is a wide shot too).

Hello, hopeful bluegum regrowth.

 Pretty in Pink: if I thought you would look good in a vase you would be inside right now.

Have you been for a dance lately? You know you want to! Stick your favourite beanie on your head, grab your camera and go for a waltz outside...


  1. Thanks for you birthday idea! You live in such a beautiful place and spring is lovely isn't it!

  2. such an inspiring + beautiful post. enjoy the rest of your day!

    xo Alison

  3. Stunning photos... no wonder you want to arise early. What beauty at your finger tips.

  4. Thanks everyone :D I do live in a beautiful place, and the macro setting on my camera just makes it look even better!


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