Friday, April 23, 2010

Crochet Makes Things Better

Today I got some of my university assignments back. The feedback on one (on literacy) said that my conclusion was "particularly valid". Naturally, I had to read my conclusion to see what brilliant thing I had written, to discover that it mentions knitting and crochet. Awesome! Here is part of the knit and crochet friendly conclusion so you can see for yourself:

"Now, I realise that even though in general I am literate in English, I am very illiterate in other areas. For example, languages apart from English and even Australian slang, not to mention American slang. I also realised that I am literate in reading knitting and crochet patterns, both in the English form and their international form which consists of symbols. I now know that literacy incorparates far more than I thought it did."

If you were not convinced before, you must be now... knitting and crochet (though crochet more so, of course! hehe) really do make everything better! (Another edit of the essay would improve things yet again...)

Oh, and the bunny in the photo is a variation on my Amigurumi Pig pattern. Would you like a pattern for him?

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  1. I was so excited the first time I knit a non-English pattern. I'm not very good with languages generally, but knitting is easy!

    Cute bunny!


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