Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hello! (And some knitting and crochet)

Well it's been a while since I've shared any knitting and crochet, so I thought I might share a couple of finished projects now - silly faces and all.

I made this cotton doily/placemat thing, which lives underneath the fruit bowl. It's quite pretty. I like it. If the pattern wasn't so boring I would probably make more.

I made a Northumbria Cowl  (using Bendigo Woollen Mills "Luxury" in lavender) for a friend who has given me all her double pointed needles and who sometimes gives me knitting magazines too:

It doesn't really go with my hoodie. (By the way, my hoodie is nearly fluro in colour, but I wear it so much I don't really think of it as bright anymore. I am wearing it right now and I adooooooooooore the colour.) The cowl was nice and quick to knit, and would be good for all you knitters who haven't tried lace yet - just a simple two row repeat (and one row is all knit stitch!) Here's another silly picture of me, in which I remind myself of a duck:
And some tragic news... Remember my purple oatmeal? Well, it no longer exists. I decided it was a bit too small and undid it all. Even though I was undoing several hours work, I have to admit that there is something almost fun about completely frogging (undoing) a large piece of knitting. Most of the wool has already been used for something else, but the pictures I have of it are far to ugly to share (if you must see, go here). Soon I will take some pretty pictures and do a proper reveal!

By the way, I am sick, hopefully I don't look back on this post in a few days time and regret sharing these pictures with the whole world. Well, the part of the world with internet, at least. Most people in Africa, PNG and the Australian Desert (to name a few places) shall continue to think well of me! Not that they know me... oh my, I've really just got to stop typing... Until next time, farewell!

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