Thursday, August 11, 2011

Flash Fiction: Patience

And now for something completely different...
It's the Spanish Inquisition!

Well, no, not really. (Sorry.)

But today, I've decided to write some "flash autobiography" to give a snapshot of what comes to mind when I think about patience - I think it addresses the first part of the definition the most (sometimes knitting takes a lot of sheer determination!), but also touches on the last part too about "peaceful stability and community".

Here is the full definition:
Forbearance and endurance through moderation. Resolving conflicts and injustice peacefully, as opposed to resorting to violence. Accepting the grace to forgive; to show mercy to sinners. Not killing or being violent in any way to any life form or sentient being; to practice moderation of meat consumption and consistent life ethic. Creating a sense of peaceful stability and community, rather than engendering suffering, hostility and antagonism. (Vice: wrath.)

Here it is - I hope you like it!



My baby blanket, lacy and hand knit. An heirloom made by Grandma for me. 

I did not always understand how knitted gifts are made of more than yarn, soft and warm and springy.

Now, as I knit, I know her gift was one of time, of effort and perhaps also of tears. A gift of love.

As I make stitch after tiny stitch, I envision a time when my children – and, God grant, my grandchildren – will be warmed by the work of my hands.

Now, I wonder, will they also come to understand – to love – this patient form of art?


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  1. That paints a lovely picture. I really like that you added a photo of you and your nan.
    ~ Beka

  2. I like calm feel of your story, it matches the virtue Patience well.

    When I was little I sew by hand alot. I often made soft toys as presents for my friends because they felt more personal. I still have alot of them hanging around, though the on metre long dolphin I made from an old blanket is long gone.

  3. This is lovely, it actually brought a tear to my eye. When I left London and moved to Scotland, my sisters and sister in law's made a blanket for me, each square knitted or embroidered by one of them - it's such a treasure.

    I love the way that your style and tone matches the dignity of the story and the virtue itself. Lovely.

  4. You certainly need a lot of patience when you knit! This was really beautiful.

  5. Patience really is the perfect Virtue to illustrate just how much more than an object you get when someone makes you a gift by hand. The item bound up in the love of the giver to the recipient with every meticulous step. Very beautiful.

  6. Thank you for the comments, they made me smile. It was also nice to hear some personal connections.


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