Saturday, May 21, 2011

Finally Knitting Again!

It has been weeks and weeks since I last did any knitting or crochet, but last night the drought was broken!

I finished off the body of my Purple Oatmeal at long last, and am now up to knitting the arms. 

If I had kept working on this at the pace at which most of the body was done, this would have been finished by the end of March, but multiple assignments due in one week kind of distracted me...

I'm sort of putting off starting the sleeves and their miles of stockingstitch. However, as I should be planning for teaching this week I think that's more than acceptable!

I've also done some more work on a neck wrap I'm crocheting, but have no good pictures at the moment - hopefully I'll be able to share it with you soon - as well as some fingerless mittens I'm knitting for a friend.

And I need to make a swift out of lego so I can finish off a lacey scarf I'm crocheting from Mmmalabrigo Lace. Hopefully I'll have lots more to share soon! (ie. in a month or five... oh dear... time just goes by too fast!)

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