Tuesday, August 2, 2011

And WOW!

I just realised that I've had over TWENTY THOUSAND visitors to this here little blog! (20493 as of the writing of this post!)
I am astounded, amazed, grateful and just so thrilled! What an amazing string of adjectives! Yet, I can't bring myself to remove even one, that's how excited I am!

I went through all the pictures I have on my laptop in order to find one that best depicts how grateful I am, and this comes the closest:

I am playing the part of the person inside the outhouse, obviously.
I am also overcome with guilt at not hosting a giveaway so celebrate... But, as Elizabeth Bennett's father would say, "it will pass, no doubt sooner than it should". (If I didn't get the quote quite right, please forgive me, it was from memory.)

I really value you, each one, for stopping by to see what's happening on this beautiful ramble I'm living, especially as my posting is often sparodic. (I also value comments - they encourage me to post! hint hint)

Hmm... maybe I should offer a giveaway to try to draw some silent readers out of the woodwork ;)

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  1. Hi Kathy!

    Wanted to come and say hi after I noticed you had entered LadyAntimony's Seven Virtues challenge. Pleasantly surprised when I discovered you are from Australia, my favorite place on the planet!

    Looking forward to reading your stuff, and please consider me a new follower.


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