Saturday, September 11, 2010

Hello Out There!

Well I nearly managed to make it a month since my last post, but was getting itchy to pop in a say hello! I was going to do a post on my favourite underwear, but wasn't sure how that would go down with the husband...

Since the 13th of August several things have happened:
 - Tasmania had its first real taste of winter. (Read: snow!!!! About 3mm of it. Though there was a lot on Mt Wellington.)
 - Spring is very much here - blossoms everywhere and sunshine and daffodils. I love spring.
 - My potted Rosemary has sweet purple flowers

 - I had a 3 week teaching practicum, which was great and I passed! Woohoo!!! This is why I'm so happy about passing.
 - I did the dishes. Twice.
 - I finished knitting this scarf: 

 - And all these slippers: 

- I started this scarf (only 40% to go!)

 -  I received the wool to make another scarf exactly the same as the above scarves... but business is business and I've already been paid, so scarf making has got to happen.
 - Found out I that I weigh more than I thought I did. If only it were trim muscle and not blubbery blubber cushioning.
 - I read Little Lord Fauntleroy. I loved it. I never wanted it to end. And the grandfather's dog? His name is Dougal. Just like my 8kg cat!
 - I found out how uncooperative my cat can be when it comes to taking photos. (Just look at the camera sensibly!!!)

Yeah, so that is my super exciting life. I know, don't you wish you were me?