Thursday, September 23, 2010

Kathy's Dieting Tips

Throughout the course of our lives, we pick up tidbits (hehe) of advice. Some is helpful. Some of it is total cheesecake.

Here is some feel-good (yes, really) dieting advice that I have gathered over that vast span of my life. All twenty-four years.

If it is a neutral colour, it has no calories. 
Delicious things like chocolate, fudge, caramel slice, and chocolate puddings fall into this category.

If it breaks, all the calories leak out.
In other words, "snap and enjoy!" (This is why KitKats are so popular.)

Did your choc chip cookie fall on the floor? Well, pick it right back up and take a bite, because the Five Second Rule keeps your cookie safe from all those nasties.

Above all, follow Plutarch's advice and abstain from beans.

*This post was inspired by mouthwatering maccaroons, made by a friend who will hopefully one day visit me, bringing some neutral or slightly broken goodies along with her.

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  1. Hahaha what wonderful diet advice! Not at all what I expected. Thanks for the laugh!


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