Monday, September 13, 2010

Why Cats are Easier than Babies

After the last post, I've been told in no uncertain terms that I need a baby so I don't need to post pictures of my cat.

However, even though I am a fantastic cat-mama, there are several reasons I think I'll stay away from babies for awhile (at least the next nine months).*

One, the cat only needs feeding once a day. Usually Julian feeds him.

Two, if I get sick of him, I can put him outside and close the door.

Three, I don't have to buy him clothes or Christmas and birthday presents.

Four, I never have to worry about waking him up, because after a glare and a grumpy meow he goes back to sleep again.

Five, when we go on holidays we can leave him at home and at the mercy of a friendly neighbour.

Six, he doesn't interfere with university work.

Seven, he licks clean the emptied tins of tomatoes/tuna/kidney beans/fruit/anything, reducing food waste.

Eight, he eats leftovers, further reducing food waste.

Nine, he doesn't wear a nappy that I need to change. Julian changes the cat litter.

And, number ten, I can always get another one on the spur of the moment. If only I could talk Julian into letting me get another kitten.

So, yes, no babies for me for a while yet!

*Please note that this post is written in fun. I love babies :)


  1. LMAO, that is possibly the funniest thing you've written so far, Kath. Much preferable to a baby.


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