Monday, September 13, 2010

Contrary But Cute

As I mentioned in my last post, my cat is not always the epitome of cooperation.

All he had to do was pose for two seconds.

Facing towards the camera would have been preferable.
Side shot... it's okay but not what I'm after.
Okay, now Dougal is just being rude.
See the bitten off leaves? Yeah, he fancies himself to be a gardener. He prunes this plant everyday.
I know it's not a brilliantly composed photo, but I love this picture.
And he's back to plant munching.
He doesn't even eat the leaves. Just bites them off then spits them out.
 He's obviously had his fix now.
Now (finally) he'll humour me and my desire to take photos of him being cute.
"Dougal! The camera is not a toy!"
Distracted by an ant... small things.
 "My hand is not a toy either!"
I really don't want to get swiped by those claws! Can you see them? They're big. Once he split open my thumb. It hurt.

I love him anyway.

Even though he always sits on my knitting.