Thursday, May 6, 2010

Right now... Loving Lists

Right now I am...

...tired, stressed and headachy.
...a bad homemaker. I have no clean dishes left :(
...a terrible student.
...running out of time before the Handmade Hobart market (see previous post).
...annoyed that the shawl pins I bought are going to eat up most of the profits I would have gotten from the neckwarmers I am making (really, it was the freakin' postage!!!!)
...not sure how to infuse this blog with a sense of my personality. the mood for a list.

The Subsequent List (complete the majority of this by Sunday evening)
  • Return jacket I have decided I do not like.
  • Buy the picture of men sitting on a beam suspended 100s of metres above the ground (I have loved this picture for years, and it is half price!).
  • Do the majority of the dishes.
  • Cook something that has vegetables in it.
  • Take the rubbish and recycling up to the bins.
  • Do not get sick (have an early night).
  • Finish the beanie I am currently working on and crochet another one.
  • Start on university assignments due next week.
  • Go to SIL's on Saturday.
  • Go to church on Sunday.
  • Go to bed before midnight and get up before midday.
Ah! Lists! I feel a bit better now that I have something to refer to over the next three (only three!) days.

Three cheers for lists!

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  1. cheers for lists! I feel you about all those items on your list, I really do. Is your school almost over before the summer? I'm in finals week right now and my knitting is really suffering. :(


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