Monday, May 17, 2010

Handmadehobart Market

It is a couple days late, but I think some mental space was needed before I even felt up to posting some pictures of.................

Our stall at the handmadehobart market! 

My SIL, a friend and myself all shared a stall. This picture is from the second day when we had improved our look (stay tuned for another post on that), and I think it looks pretty awesome :)

I made these neckwarmers using my Urban Shells Scarf pattern (free!). (My other free crochet patterns can be found here, two of them also have pdf downloads). The shawl pins are made from horn, I think all the ones you can see here are made from ox horn.

My SIL made these adorabe overalls. She is one clever chicky! The best part is..... custom orders! She also made the recycled denim bibs you can see hanging up on the basket and the pink flowery dress lying on the table. If you scroll back up to the first photo you can see some more of what she makes. The few things that did not sell at the market are now in her shop, Wee Threads.

In this photo you can see two of the crochet beanies (pattern coming soon!) made by me for the stall. Hanging up are the gorgeous knitted dresses made by Jeka B Handmade. These dresses are incredible. My neice has a pinny like the red one hanging up and it is so adorable on her. The blue and brown baby beanie and the two neckwarmers you can see at the front (the black one and the light blue one) were also made by Jeka B Handmade. She does custom orders too!

The market goes over two days and happens every two months in Hobart, Tasmania. All the stalls were amazing. I bought a gorgeous scarf from one and did some swaps with a couple other stall holders. I will be back later in the week to show you what I got! 

It was a great experience, I loved meeting other stall holders and am hanging out for the next market we do!

Kathy xxx

P.s. I have a few more market-related posts coming up... other stall holders... what I got... my thoughts on markets in Tasmania... what we learnt and what we will change...

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