Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Julian's Getting Old!

Well, it was Julian's birthday today. We didn't do anything particularly special, just hired out some dvds and I made lasagne and a desert ('preserved' apricots with a jelly layer over the top. It was really yummy). Sorry I don't have any photos, the camera charger has decided to stop working (rather selfish of it really...). We do have a scanner, but somehow I don't think scanners and jelly should ever meet.
Tomorrow I am buying the rest of the books I need for uni (which starts in less than 3 weeks! I'm beginning to think Ahh! Honours! What have I gotten myself into?!?!?), so I won't have any more excuses! It's gonna be an interesting year. One of the good things about having a blog is that I have been writing, which will make it just that little bit easier when I start studying. So often students don't do any writing of even reading over the summer break (which is like 4 months long - gotta love it!) and it takes them about 1/2 a semester to get back into the 'rhythm'.
By the way, I bought Julian The Bourne Ultimatum for his b'day, with some money I got by selling some of his fantasy books. Oh, yeah, I kept the extra $10 :)

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