Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Bushwalking on Mt Wellington

Hello my dear bloggees,

It's been a week or so since my last blog, but don't think I've been ignoring you because I am lazy. On the contrary, I have been so busy I haven't had time to think, let alone get on write. I was so tired on Sunday that I actually slept for 3 hours in the afternoon - and I have to be REALLY tired to do that! All weekend I had been looking forward to Monday, thinking Finally I have a day where I'm not doing anything and can even sleep in.

Lo and behold, Sunday afternoon one of my friends rang (waking me up, thank you very much!) asking if Julian and I want to go for an easy bushwalk up Mt Wellington. I say yes, and she says she'll ring me back with the details. Well, it turns out that the person organising it all decided that we'll meet at the Springs at 9:00am. Bang! There goes my sleep-in. We get to the Springs the next day, and it is decided that we'll walk to the top. BANG! There goes my easy walk! In the end (thankfully) we didn't walk to the top as one of the group members (not me) was having too much trouble. Instead, we walked a reasonable way up the Pinnacle Track, before turning onto the Organ Pipe Track (we were so close to the Organ Pipes - those cliffs are absolutley magnificent! We saw some climbers, and were totally impressed: those Pipes go straight up!). After finishing the Organ Pipe Track the walked down the road for awhile before going on the trail that leads to Sphinx Rock, where we had lunch. After that if was an easy (flat) walk back to the Springs and our cars!!

All up it was a 3 hour walk, and very enjoyable. We didn't take our camera, but one of my friends did, and if I can figure out her email address, I will see if I can get a copy of the photos so you can have a squiz at them, because the view was amazing!

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