Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Uni's back... what more can I say...

Today is Tuesday. Uni went back yesterday. I am thrilled. So thrilled. By what? By the 9am starts and the 3hr seminars. By the set texts and the 3 to 6 seminar readings for each seminar each week.

It's not really that bad. But boy, I have SO MUCH reading to do this year! I wrote out a timetable yesterday, and according to that I should be reading right now. Oh well! And I don't really have that many hours where I am actually at uni. This week and next week I have about 15 contact hours. But in weeks 3-8 I only have 6 contact hours (with an extra 3 hours in three of the weeks, but most of them are for watching films). In week 9 I have 9 contact hours, and in week 10 I have 3 contact hours, and then - apart from essay writing - I am finished for first semester. But even though I don't have many contact hours, the amount of reading and researching does turn it into a full time job - one you can't forget about when you get home :( I am determined, however, to keep my evenings as free as possible. I will need to have that break time! (It will also make great panic time for when I am feeling overwhelmed!)

My camera is still uncharged because the silly charger won't work (grrr). I'll have to do something about that soon so I can stick some more photos up. For the moment though, we will all have to make do with cartoons. This one illustrates a typical morning for a typical uni student:

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