Saturday, January 26, 2008

All these things I want to tell you!

As you might have noticed I edited the post about the Chicken and Champignon Bake - it was just so much nicer this way. With a bit more experimentation it should be a really yummy dish...

I wanted to show you some apricots that I preserved (well, I certainly hope so anyway, or I'll open them to find I was growing a forest of mold the whole time), so here they are:
They are quite sweet, even though I only put in 1 cup of sugar. As you can sort of see, the apricots are in quite big chunks. The syrup is absolutely delicious!! I actually made 3 jars, but the lid didn't pop down with one of them so we had to eat it (what a shame...)

I also wanted to share with you the corn recipe that I was raving about in an earlier blog. It's from the Australian Women's Weekly Fruit & Vegetable Cookbook.

Mustard Corn with Bacon

30g butter, softened (basically melted)
2 tspns brown sugar
2 tspns seeded (wholegrain) mustard
6 bacon rashers
6 medium cobs fresh corn

Heat the oven to 210C (mod hot oven). Mix butter, sugar and mustard together, then spread the mixture overthe bacon rashers. Wrap a rasher around each cob of corn, and then wrap each cob in foil, so that it is completely enclosed. Put corn in a single layer on an oven tray (I put them directly on the oven rack), and cook for 45min or until tender. Enjoyenjoyenjoy!!!
I will limit myself to just three (or 4, if you include the 1st two sentences) things in this blog (I'll tell you all about my interesting bread soon!). As a last thing, I just wanted to tell you that if you want to see the beautiful handbag my (lovely, generous, and busy) sister in law made and gave to me for Christmas, click on this word: fungible.
Happy Blogging!

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