Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Hi again! (At last)

Hi everyone! It's been a while, but I'm back! Yay!

The last month has gone very quickly, what with uni and a couple of camps. I was hoping that Easter holidays would give me a chance to catch up with uni reading, but with a youth camp at Woodfield Lodge (I was a leader there - so exhausting!) on Easter Monday and Tuesday the holidays have sped by. The honours class was meant to be having a picnic together today at the Hobart Botanical Gardens, but it is pouring with rain, so it has been postponed.

My sister is coming over this evening to help me clean the house (I haven't done the dishes for soooo long) because she wants to come over tomorrow with some friends and make chocolates (I have the moulds! Heaps of them!), and seeing as it wasn't my idea, I am not going to do all the cleaning by myself. She's fine with it, and she gets tea cooked for her tonight too - it doesn't bother me at all that I make her clean my house so she can visit!! Ahh well, it's not like it bothers her either...

My thesis for honours is making progress. My idea has changed and is beginning to get some depth. In a nutshell: How have Aborigines been portrayed in Tasmanian children's literature, and what impact have their portrayal/s in literature had on Tasmanian culture? I have soooo much reading to do. I should really be doing my reading instead of being on here (or on facebook!).

Hopefully we will get a charger for out camera soon so I can stick some (recent) photos up here. Here's a pic of my cat (whom I Adore) to keep the blog lightly visually stimulating (I like this pic because I think it is amusing that the flowers are in focus and Dougal isn't):

See you later!!

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