Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My Needle Book

In my perusal of crafty blogs I have seen some amazing needle books. Some have stunning embroidery and many look like they took DAYS to make. Well, my needle book is not stunning and its edges aren't even straight. It still took me ages to make though. Want a squiz? Yeah, okay, I'll show you.
It is made of four rectangles of felt, all sewn together with one seam.
It is neat on the outside but very wonky on the inside!

On the front is a little cross stitch I made over ten years ago.
On the inside flap I 'wrote' the date, Dec 28, '08.
Inside the back cover is a little pocket for my needle threader.
I love the colours of the felt!
I just love it in general - even though it is wonky and crooked.
 So that is my needle book. It's not perfect by a long shot. But I made it. I used it. It works. I like it. It's mine. I hope you liked it, even just a little!

Did you notice what was in background of some of the photos? It might (just maybe) be a pattern (perhaps!) for something cute and cuddly and sweet! Come back soon to find out!

Kathy xx

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