Saturday, January 26, 2008

Whoopsiedaisy Bread

I may as well tell you about the bread - it will probably make you laugh. (It made me and Jules laugh, though I think Jules was laughing more at me than at the bread. Oh well.) Okay, so I have decided I want to start making bread fairly often. I have heaps of recipes for it, and I enjoy doing it, so I get out my recipe book and my dried yeast. I get the yeast dissolving in some water and sugar, and then go to measure out the flour. Whoopsiedaisy number One: do not have enough flour - in fact I have barely 1/3 of the amount I need. So I have to run up to the shop and buy some more (thank heavens the shop is basically next door and we have change). That crisis averted, I am able to return to bread making, and really enjoyed kneading it (makes my hands feel beeyuooootifoooooool). Then Julian and I have to go out for at least a couple of hours. I figure fine, I can punch it down when I get back. Well, 2 hours turns into 5 hours, and we get home to Whoopsiedaisy number Two:

All this from a blob of dough about this big (wait I minute while I tear a lump off... ahh, here we are):Happily though, it punched down really well. Here is a pic of it after it was baked: It browned very well. This photo also - unfortunatley - shows Whoopsiedaisy number Three. I forgot to grease the baking paper. When I cook biscuits I don't grease it, but they obviously have enough butter in them to 'self grease'. Anyway, the paper refused to part from the bread, so we had to cut the crusts off. Lots of fun! And in the end it tasted a bit too yeasty (sooo disappointing), which I think was because of how long it was left to rise.

Oh well! I was going to post the recipe, because it is really simple, but I think I will make it again without any Whoopsiedaisys first, and then, if it is really yummy, I will post it. (My hands are still lovely from all that kneading though. Whoopee!)

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