Saturday, January 26, 2008

Hmm... need to start eating better

Lately I have been thinking that I need to make some changes to what Julian and I eat. Honestly, we don't eat very much fruit or veggies. It's not that we eat bad food - we don't often have takeaways etc, but I just don't think we eat enough fresh food, partly because we don't have that much $$. So I have been looking things up, such as which veggies and fruits are the most nutritious to eat, and the best way to cook veggies so they retain as much of their goodness as possible. If you are interested finding out which veggies are really good, I found this useful (I'm sure that there are more certified sites, but the info on this does fit in with all the other stuff I read).

As part of the changes, I am thinking of changing to soy milk. It is better for Julian (he isn't intolerant as such to lactose, but it does block his sinus' up a bit), and he actually likes the taste. I know it is more expensive, but we don't really use that much milk, just breakfast occasionally, hot drinks and sometimes in cooking. Speaking of cooking, we are having leftover Chicken and Champignon Bake for lunch, though today I was going to spread some seeded mustard, brown sugar and butter on the chicken before putting the whole thing under the grill. Hopefully it will be really yummy!

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