Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Compared to yesterday I have nothing exciting to share, but that doesn't mean I can't have a ramble...

I got my Bachelor of Arts certificate thing in the mail today. Julian was very excited, but I have been hanging out for some books (for uni) that I ordered, so I was a little disappointed. Julian doesn't really get it, but I am sure some of my fellow ladies will understand! We also did a little tiny shopping: we had $42 MAXIMUM to spend because of bills etc... but we did it! I prayed before we went: please let the things we need be on special! Guess what!?! Seven of the sixteen things we bought were on special (the mince was on special AND marked down by more than $3!). In total, we saved an estimated $7.50! Isn't God good!

Em (who I made the kiwi jam and lemon butter with) and I are both doing the Honours this year, and therefore have the same books to read. One of the books (Writing Machines) looks like it will be quite difficult to read (let alone understand!), so we made a 'pact' to both read it by the 17th of Febuary. So far I have read the blurb... Em has read the blurb and the preface... so she is 4 exhausting pages ahead of me. Lucky her!! I really should read some tonight, after I watch Forces of Nature on tv... and whatever else is on... and by then I'll be too tired... There! I have my night sorted!

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