Wednesday, October 16, 2013

In the Garden: Seeds Are In!

My mother-in-law came over yesterday to help us dig our garden. We added lots of poo into the soil! Sheep poo and cow poo - yummy yum yum yum! We found three worms; hopefully more will turn up now the soil has all been turned and manured.

My two helpers did an excellent job digging up and weeding, but not such a good job when it came to smiling for the camera:

And here is is all dug! Down one side are bamboo support poles. Soon they will be covered with climbing beans and snow peas. 

Since taking this photo, the top pole, which goes across the top of the three teepees, has also been tied on.

As you can see from the above photos, there is a huge pine tree at the back of the yard. When we were digging up the dirt we found lots of pine roots. At first they were just discarded, but we found a fantastic use for them: ties for the bamboo teepees. I love the rustic look of the pine roots being used to tie the bamboo poles together.

The majority of the garden has been planted now. Only the snow peas need to be sowed, and the celery transplanted. 

Here is the garden, all sown and planted (minus snow peas and celery):

Oh, humble beginnings! Soon this will be a thriving patch of deliciousness!

Already planted, we have:

  • climbing beans 
  • silverbeet (the colourful variety)
  • dwarf beans
  • two heirloom varieties of beetroot
  • loose leaf lettuce
  • spring onions (all SIX HUNDRED AND FIFTY seeds accidentally dumped in one area!)
  • zucchini (this may not germinate, the soil may be too cold)
  • lettuce seedlings
  • Asian greens seedlings (the names of which I can't remember, except that one of the four types is red mustard)
  • parsley and sage (shown below)

As it is such a small patch, I cheated a little when planting the rows of beans and beetroot. I figured that as beans can be planted 10cm apart, I would do the rows much closer than the recommended 50cm. As I will not have to walk between the rows, the closer group planting ought to be more than fine.

Most importantly, the strawberries are thriving. I am looking forward to the first ripe strawberry so much!

Inside, the tomatoes have blossoms forming and the capsicums and chili plant are doing well. Just today I repotted some basil seedlings, which will also be kept inside. No doubt the next post will have pictures of all the indoor plants.

Grow plants, grow!


  1. I told you that pine tree would have heaps of roots. Glad to see them coming in handy like that! It gives quite a rustic DIY feel to the whole thing. Well done!

    1. So many roots! Happily they were easy to sever with the spade edge and pull out. I think it looks fantastic as a tie. My MIL said "very mother earth".

  2. It all looks so good! If I didn't love you so much I would just be jealous! But I know you will share :) I look forward to seeing more photo updates!

    I started making my undercover garden today! I was able to reclaim a lot of shade cloth so it will cost less overall! Gotta love that! Recycling and fugal! Oh yeah!

    1. I will definitely share! If I don't the spring onions will swamp me!

      Oh, excellent!!


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