Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Cross Stitch Bookmarks

It is one of my favourite school memories: grade five, in a country school, learning to cross stitch.

My teacher that year - now long retired (that makes me sounds old, doesn't it) - was wonderful. I remember one time, the year before she taught me, walking into her classroom, to be confronted by a huge cardboard castle wall. 

The year I was in her class, she did what she no doubt did every year, and invited parents to come in and teach us skills like bread-making and cross stitch. I remember the first thing I ever embroidered, a little train. I still have the pattern. 

This all sounds very nostalgic, doesn't it. To be honest, I often find cross stitch repetitive and, if the pattern is confusing, frustrating. But it is so pretty!

After some life changing events that took place about a month ago now (which I have not yet shared here), I was feeling the need to do things. I needed to keep my mind and hands occupied. Last Christmas, my mum gave me a cross stitch kit for a bookmark featuring a blue wren, and last week I did it. I did it ALL. Even the sewing up. It was a cross stitch miracle! I love it so much. The blue wren perched on a twig of heath is simple and perfect.

I shared it on facebook, because I am a sharing, caring show-off. (That is why I have a blog!)

Two days later I found two more unfinished bookmarks. All the cross stitching was completed, but the sewing up needed to be done. Another miracle took place as I finished them both that very day. Ah-mazing! 

I now have a cross stitch bookmark collection! And a very messy floor from all that fringe-making!

I actually nearly completely ruined the one with all the pink and yellow and orange flowers. I also don't really remember making it! I think my sister may have done most of it and I finished it. I really like the material I backed it with, a vintage fabric that was passed on to me by a friend. 

Only this bookmark was finished like this, the other two were sewn like a tube then turned right way out and given a fringe (much easier!).

I am feeling so inspired now to do more cross stitch! I have another kit, with lambs and butterflies and flowers, and a kit for a REAL embroidery that uses all sorts of stitches!

I want to know, do you cross stitch? Do you remember learning? Have you recently shared a crafty project on your blog - I love craft and I want to see it!


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