Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Day 1: Junk Drawer

I sorted through my junk drawer not to long ago, so there isn't that much difference between the before and after pictures, but some things were thrown out and others were relocated, so all in all it was an organising success!

Welcome to my junk drawer:

As you can see, it's quite respectable for a junk drawer. This is partly because all the batteries, lightbulbs and glues have a drawer of their own. The blue bag is full of pens and pencils. The thing in the top right corner is an old fashioned camera.

The scariest part is the white container:

As you can see, this is full of a whole lot of random things, from sunnies to goggles to a handbag strap. The teeth were a present for my husband from my mum and dad. They chatter and chomp and are really quite entertaining.

In the white container were these little treasures, all belonging to my husband:

Clockwise from the top left: Manchester United keyring, brought back as a souvenir from the UK by his (that is, my husband's) sister; my husband's Bronze Medallion for swimming, earnt in grade nine; the glasses that my husband wore in primary school to help him concentrate; an Australian 2 cent coin given to my husband from his nan, featuring a frilled neck lizard.

Needless to say, these did not get thrown out, unlike half of the padlocks in the picture below.

Here are all the things that were thrown out (the game was from another drawer, and the Slazenger bag is empty):

As you can see, I didn't get rid of that much. Below is a picture of the things which were relocated, mostly to the computer desk, though the corner cutter thing will go in the box with the card making supplies, and the sunnies will go in the basket near the front door.

And this brings us to the finished result. There aren't too many differences, but it is just that bit more organised, which makes me happy! The main difference is that now all the screws, allen keys, and other things of that nature are all in a bag together. Also, the 3D glasses for the cinema are now kept in this drawer too.


I find it amusing that this drawer looks MORE cluttered since organising it! But this is partly because other drawers were organised at the same time, and things were moved around to make the best use of the space I have to work with.

Since taking this, a couple of other things have also been put in here, as a result of cleaning and organising the computer desk, which I'll talk about in my next post.

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