Wednesday, September 7, 2011


You might remember that I started making a purple jumper, but undid it all.

With the rescued yarn, I've made two things, an awesome hot water bottle cover and the thickest, squishiest shawl ever! Sorry for all the colour changes between the photos, purple is really hard to photograph!

I call this my "Hoot Water Bottle Cover" - I think the owls are adorable! And the i-cord was so much quicker to make than I thought it would be. Here is the Ravelry link to my project.

And here is the Oscilloscope Shawl I made (Ravelry link). This is seriously the thickest shawl I've ever seen. I use it as a blanket sometimes. It's luuuuuuuuush.

This picture captures the colour the best.
And while we're on the topic of purple, I crocheted this eggplant a few days ago too:

Cute, don't you think? :D


  1. OMG...LOVE the hot water bottle cover!!

  2. I totally forgot about this owl hot water bottle cover! I put it in my Ravelry queue last year and meant to knit it then. I love purple too, and go on purple knitting binges. Lovely work!


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