Thursday, April 7, 2011

One Hundred FOs! Yay!

One of my 101 in 1001 goals is to have two hundred projects on Ravelry. Though I didn't specify it on my 101 list, these are to be finished projects (FOs = Finished Objects). In order to help myself achieve this goal, I'm aiming to have 150 finished projects by the end of 2011. 

I'm superduper excited to let you all know that as of April 5, 2011, I'm two thirds of the way there! Yep - I have completed 100 different projects! And that's with counting all those blue flowers as one project, too.

To celebrate this wonderful and exciting (but relatively unimportant in the Grand Scheme of things) moment, here's a little journey through a few projects. Pretty pictures! Yay!

Exhibit A: Fan Bookmark (ravel it here - it's a free pattern!)

I have made this bookmark six (yes, SIX) different times, but I've only kept one. I love it. I feel proud of myself when I finish it (and it only takes an evening to make!). It uses embroidery thread and a tiny 1.25mm crochet hook. It's beautiful whether it's made in a varigated thread (as here) or a solid colour. The best bit, however, is taking photos - I spend an inordinate amount of time choosing the book with which to photograph these bookmarks. So far, my selections have included Little Women, The Secret Garden, one of the Anne books (Rainbow Valley, I think), and (boringly) the pattern for making the bookmarks.

Exhibit B: Chevron Cardigan (another freebie - ravel it)

This progress shot is of the third thing I ever crocheted and of the first garment I made myself. (Excluding a pair of trousers I sewed in grade 10, and ruined by melting them with the iron - I swore and mum didn't even tell me off because she realised what had happened. I love my mum.) I have actually worn it, too! Though I don't wear it much very more, and have thought about frogging (undoing) it to make it into something else. I like this picture (though I can't articulate why) and so that's why I'm sharing it instead of one from when it was finished.

Exhibits 3, 4, 5 and 6: My very own patterns! 
(Ravel them all here or visit the Crochet Patterns page on this blog - they are all free)

Please note that the large orange flower is not of my design.

I really am so proud of each of the patterns I've written, and stoked by the response to the scarf and beanie patterns. It's such a joy to know that others have not only made something that I thought of and wrote a pattern for, but that they also love the result of their time and effort. I have plans for another pattern to release soon, depending on a few things... but to see a prototype simply keep reading...

Exhibit 7: Slippers! (pattern may be coming soon, for shorthand notes on it, go here).

These are inspired by (and reasonably similar to) this free slipper pattern (ravelry link), but are designed with an 8ply yarn in mind (as opposed to a heavier 10ply), and have a different increase pattern for the toes. and a slightly different edging. I have made several pairs of these slippers, and am planning on making many more. They are comfy, don't use much yarn, and are really cute. Love 'em! I also sell them to friends for twenty bucks a pair :)

Exhibit 8: Love Bunnies (free pattern, ravel it here)

I have made four of these cute as a button bunnies: pink, purple, blue and green. The blue and green bunnies had bells inserted into their heads (instead of brains) so that they would be a bit like a rattle. I've included this as an exhibit because it was the first item I ever sold (for the token amount of $10 - just enough to cover cost). I felt very grown up!

So, that was a quick trip through a few projects! I love looking through the pictures of what I've made. Some things I would forget about if not for the photos I have because they've either been sold or given away as presents. I've also completed a number of knitted projects, even though there weren't any shown here. I think I'm well on my way to my goal of 150 FOs by the end of thisyear, and 200 FOs by July 2013. Yay!

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