Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Owls in 2011

Yes, it is time to start thinking about calenders for 2011.

My birthday is at the very start of the year, and each birthday one of my presents was always a calender. This has changed since I got married, as I have no hooks in a calender-y type place. Instead, I get a big year planner calender from the Tasmanian University (for freeeeeeee!) and stick it up on one of my kitchen walls. Except for this year, where I printed a very functional calender, a page for each month. I am getting kinda antsy for a new calender, however. Perhaps the next time the landlord visits I'll ask him to put a hook/nail in the kitchen wall? (Oh wait! Just realised I have a nail I can use near the backdoor! Yay!)


Do you like owls? If you do, click on the button below to make your own FREE owl calender.

Generous people make me feel so happy and smiley :D

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