Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Before I Wither Of Exhaustion

I can barely type properly, and I apologise if there a* are typos in her* here that I didn't manage to fix (I've already fixed four... make that five). Six, I just noticed I had spelt 'apologise' incorrectly.

I have officially written 2354 words of my NaNo novel. I need to write just under another 1000 today to reach the target of 3334. It's going well despite the wonky typing. Though I'm not really sure if I have another 1000 words in me quite yet... maybe I should make some pikelets?

I drew pictures.

This is Dimitria. She is three inches tall (name comes from the word "diminish" hehe) and is the main character in the story. She is a Gendle (which explains the big ears), and lives in a land known as Gendlewune where no one ever worries.

(I've already fixed up another dozen or so typos.)

This is a 'cover' (haha, getting ahead of myself much?).

When I have time (which I don't think is going to be until Friday) I'm going to play around in GIMP (free!) to edit (and maybe colour?) these pictures.

Unless my brain is a totally frazzled mess by then, in which case I'll probably be watching The Sound of Music and/or rocking back and forth while muttering incoherently about Gendles, big ears and double crossings.

*And oh my, just noticed two typos in the first paragraph but can't be bothered fixing them. Enjoy.
No, I should fix them (I'll do the strikeout thing!). Otherwise my husband will get home and start telling me about them write right away.


  1. Good luck with your writing. It sounds like it'll be a fun read. Loved your post, it put a smile on my face and made me feel a bit less self-conscious about my often dubious proof-reading skills :-)
    Chin up and keep writing. You know it'll be worth it... oh and pikelets... YUM!!!

  2. Oh my word... I love this quirky post of razzledness (see, another word to add to your frazzled typing). This is cute... and I loved the drawings.


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