Sunday, April 6, 2008

Of Pumpkins and needy cats


Julian and I went to a carboot sale today after church and look at the pumpkin we found:

It's 1.7kg, nice and heavy for its size like a good pumpkin should be :) I'm thinking most of it's going to be soup and some of it I'll glaze and bake. We also got some green beans, raspberry jam (homemade! yum!) and some handmade soap. Next week I want to buy purple potatoes! Sorry, I can't remember what they are actually called, but the guy says they ar great to put in soup because of the colour they add. Sounds yummy and pretty, and I can't resist...

As I write this my cat, Dougal (go here to see a pic of him), is sitting on my lap (not curled up - actually sitting up) watching me type and use the mouse, trying to figure out how it all works... he just learnt how to select large amounts of text at once: stand on 'shift'. He has been sooo needy lately: everytime Jules or I sit down it's only a matter of minutes until he's sitting on our lap, cutting off our circulation. But we love him! He's our (usually very low-maintenance) baby!

Ahh well, I think I have procrastinated enough... better get back to that uni assignment!

**edit** the pumpkin was actually 2.8kg - not bad for $5!!

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