Friday, May 28, 2010

Never Never Never Give Up

In April 2009 I went on my first practical experience in a school, as part of the teaching degree I was doing. I thought it went beautifully: I had good feedback throughout and the lessons I had done went well. 

Nearly two weeks after finishing and being thrilled, I was told that actually I had failed - completely and irrevocably.

I cried. For about 3 months.

I have almost always wanted to be a teacher, even playing 'schools' with my siblings. It seemed as though my dreams had been shattered... my confidence was completely broken and I had lost direction... how could I fail my teaching prac? Everyone had always said I would be a great teacher.

The university did not do anything to revoke the unfair assessment (yes, it was unfair). I found out that my degree would take an extra year, all because I failed a 2 week prac.

I tried to continue in my course, but could not function for trying not to burst into tears. I decided to defer for a semester, and thought seriously about quitting entirely.

I could not shake the feeling that I needed to go back, even though I did not want to because I had been so adversely affected by what had happened. It took almost 8 months before I finally handed in my application for acceptance into the new Master of Teaching course. After submitting the application I cried because it was so emotionally difficult for me to do.

I remember thinking, "God, if you want me to do teaching, you need to give me the desire to do this or I will fail again." 

God heard my prayer. One day, towards the end of January, I realised I was starting to get excited about returning to university and studying teaching again.

Today, I completed my first practical experience for the course. I passed with great marks. 

I am so happy, so pleased with myself and so thankful!

When I failed the prac last year, I could not cope with the thought of returning to try again, but I did, and I succeeded. It was hard won, and others would have given up, just as I nearly did.

There might be other negative experiences while I do this course, but I believe I am meant to be a teacher, and by God's grace I will persevere and I will complete what I have set out to do. 

God does not give us dreams or desires for no reason.

Never, never, EVER give up!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Handmadehobart Market

It is a couple days late, but I think some mental space was needed before I even felt up to posting some pictures of.................

Our stall at the handmadehobart market! 

My SIL, a friend and myself all shared a stall. This picture is from the second day when we had improved our look (stay tuned for another post on that), and I think it looks pretty awesome :)

I made these neckwarmers using my Urban Shells Scarf pattern (free!). (My other free crochet patterns can be found here, two of them also have pdf downloads). The shawl pins are made from horn, I think all the ones you can see here are made from ox horn.

My SIL made these adorabe overalls. She is one clever chicky! The best part is..... custom orders! She also made the recycled denim bibs you can see hanging up on the basket and the pink flowery dress lying on the table. If you scroll back up to the first photo you can see some more of what she makes. The few things that did not sell at the market are now in her shop, Wee Threads.

In this photo you can see two of the crochet beanies (pattern coming soon!) made by me for the stall. Hanging up are the gorgeous knitted dresses made by Jeka B Handmade. These dresses are incredible. My neice has a pinny like the red one hanging up and it is so adorable on her. The blue and brown baby beanie and the two neckwarmers you can see at the front (the black one and the light blue one) were also made by Jeka B Handmade. She does custom orders too!

The market goes over two days and happens every two months in Hobart, Tasmania. All the stalls were amazing. I bought a gorgeous scarf from one and did some swaps with a couple other stall holders. I will be back later in the week to show you what I got! 

It was a great experience, I loved meeting other stall holders and am hanging out for the next market we do!

Kathy xxx

P.s. I have a few more market-related posts coming up... other stall holders... what I got... my thoughts on markets in Tasmania... what we learnt and what we will change...

Friday, May 7, 2010

So Happy Right Now!

A couple of years ago I fell in love. On Wednesday I realised that My Love was half price. 

Would you like to see?

Isn't it just wonderful! It is a picture by Charles C. Ebbets, and it was taken in 1932. It is called "Lunch break on the 69th fl. of RCA". You might know the building as the Rockefeller Centre.

They are up so high! That would never be allowed now. Never ever ever. I love this picture. 

Did you understand what I am saying? I l-o-v-e this picture!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Right now... Loving Lists

Right now I am...

...tired, stressed and headachy.
...a bad homemaker. I have no clean dishes left :(
...a terrible student.
...running out of time before the Handmade Hobart market (see previous post).
...annoyed that the shawl pins I bought are going to eat up most of the profits I would have gotten from the neckwarmers I am making (really, it was the freakin' postage!!!!)
...not sure how to infuse this blog with a sense of my personality. the mood for a list.

The Subsequent List (complete the majority of this by Sunday evening)
  • Return jacket I have decided I do not like.
  • Buy the picture of men sitting on a beam suspended 100s of metres above the ground (I have loved this picture for years, and it is half price!).
  • Do the majority of the dishes.
  • Cook something that has vegetables in it.
  • Take the rubbish and recycling up to the bins.
  • Do not get sick (have an early night).
  • Finish the beanie I am currently working on and crochet another one.
  • Start on university assignments due next week.
  • Go to SIL's on Saturday.
  • Go to church on Sunday.
  • Go to bed before midnight and get up before midday.
Ah! Lists! I feel a bit better now that I have something to refer to over the next three (only three!) days.

Three cheers for lists!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Beanies, Markets and Deadlines

I feel like I am the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland: I am late, late, I am very, very late!

Is it just me or has the year been in fast-forward mode for everyone?

My main concerns at the moment are university and the upcoming Handmade Hobart Market, which is only two weeks away! OH NO! 

 One of the beanies I have made. And wonder of wonders, is that actual money I see?!

I am making beanies for the market and I am starting to feel like they are coming out my ears. The problem is, I still need to make more - many more! I am making my seventh now, but out of those seven, only three are for the actual market. Out of the rest, two were presents, one is mine and the other is pre-sold.

This is one the neckwarmers I have made for the market.

I want to make seven or eight more beanies, as well as a few more neckwarmers to add to the three neckwarmers I have already completed. The question is, can I fit this in alongside the two university assignments due right before the market?

The answer?

I have to!

But oh my, I am looking forward to semester break! (Only seven weeks to go!)

Kathy xx