Thursday, August 25, 2011

African Animals

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For many, many months I've been haunting the webcams of a South African wildlife park.

There are four cameras and they update every 30 seconds. I see birds a lot, but I've FINALLY seen animals. FIVE species, in fact! I'm just so excited!!!

Stripy Antelope! I think the proper name for them is "Nyala". There were more of them but I didn't manage to get a picture.


There were also Wildebeest, a whole herd of them drinking, a deer of some type (shown below) and a HUGE bull, a cape buffalo, I believe. Blogspot, however, spat the dummy and I lost the awesome pics I had. :(
Do you know what this is?
ETA: Also... elephants! I didn't see these myself, someone else saved it to the forums. Totally awesome!