Wednesday, March 14, 2012

It's been a while...


I thought I should finally post something, seeing as it's been well over a month since my last post. (I don't think I'll ever quite succeed at this blogging game.)

Some catch-up:
- This year is going way too fast!
- I'm behind on my 'finish crochet/knit 52 projects in 2012' challenge
- I'm on track with my 'read 50 books in 2012' challenge (are you on Goodreads? Friend me!)

And most importantly of all, I'VE HAD WORK! Seven days to be precise! Relief teaching is at once more fun and infinitely more challenging than I ever could have imagined. I've already semi-lost my voice (happily now recovered). I haven't got any more days lined up the moment, so I'm enjoying my time off while I have it.

Also, the new Sherlock Holmes series is quite good - I am very pleased! And I've started reading Charles Dicken's Great Expectations (because I saw the first episode of it on iview the other night) and I like the book but the writing is so old fashioned I sort of feel like I'm reading by "squinting". Do you ever read like that? Where you sort of just read and let the writing wash over you so you get the general impression, and not letting yourself get caught up in the old-fashioned language and writing. It makes it a whole lot easier. I have just reached "The End Of The First Stage Of Pip's Expectations".

Lastly, I still need to either commandeer Julian's laptop or install the camera software on the desktop... until then photos are stuck on my camera. When I finally do either of those two things, I'll finally be able to do a crochet/knitting update post.

Until then!

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