Thursday, December 2, 2010

Advent Day 2: Christmas Knitting

I have already nearly forgotten to post! Not a good start to the month...
So, I'm doing a fair bit of knitting and crocheting for Christmas. My sister is getting a lovely scarf-which-is-also-a-bit-like-a-shawl, called Saroyan.

It has lace leaves running down one side of it.

This photo is from the first time I started making it. You can see that I've done two repeats of the pattern. It has four more increase repeats, making it reasonable wide, then ten repeats that neither increase nor decrease, and then six decrease repeats.

Since taking these photos, I frogged all this (knit-speak for 'undid it all') and started again, using some modifications which makes the ends of the scarf more tapered, gives the first leaf a stem, and uses a different increase which is more invisible. So far I've done three repeat. Each repeat takes about an hour, though they're taking longer as the rows grow.

I have not taken any more photos since starting again, but no doubt you'll see some pictures soon enough!

If you want to make this scarf, it is a free pattern (Ravelry link). If you want to see my details, go visit my Ravely page.

Are you doing any handmade presents for Christmas? Please share! I need more ideas.


  1. Wow, this knitting looks sooo complicated it's almost making my mind boggle :) I hope you post the finished scarf..would love to see and admire :)

  2. that's a beautiful pattern. I'm sure your sister will love it. I'm thinking about adding it to my list.


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